What society is the oldest?

A new genomic study has revealed that Aboriginal Australians are the oldest known civilization on Earth, with ancestries stretching back roughly 75,000 years. What are the 4 oldest civilization? The four oldest civilizations are Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus valley, and China as they provided the basis for continuous cultural development in the same geographic location. … Read more

Is Monday named after?

Monday was the day of the moon, and is named after the mythical person ‘Maní’. Is Monday named after a god? Monday likewise comes from Old English “Mōnandæg,” named after Máni, the Norse personification of the moon (and Sól's brother). Tuesday comes from Old English “Tīwesdæg,” after Tiw, or Tyr, a one-handed Norse god of … Read more

Which century is the future?

The 21st (twenty-first) century is the current century in the Anno Domini era or Common Era, under the Gregorian calendar. It began on 1 January 2001 (MMI) and will end on 31 December 2100 (MMC). What will happen in 22nd century? The widespread emergence of post-scarcity and resource-based economies, rapid growth of transhumanism, and major … Read more

Why 2000 is not a leap year?

A year is a leap year if it is evenly divisible by four (4), unless it is a century year (eg. 1900, 2000, etc) when it is a leap year only if the year is evenly divisible by 400. Did 2000 have a leap year? The year 2000, like the years 1996 and 2004, is … Read more

What is a king brick?

King Size Brick are 9 5/8″ L x 2 5/8″ H x 2 3/4″ thru the wall, for a nominal face dimension of 10″ x 3″ with a standard 3/8″ mortar joint. They conform to ASTM C652 and are made at most Acme Brick plants. Use of Acme King Size Brick results in lower labor … Read more