Is it cruel to ghost a friend?

Not only does ghosting someone come across as rude and insensitive (even if this isn’t the intention), but it’s what some might call “the easy way out.” Many of these conversations will be a little uncomfortable, but remember that uncomfortable doesn’t mean bad. Is it toxic to ghost a friend? If your friend is toxic, … Read more

What are the types of ghosting?

The 3 Types Of Ghosting You’ll Experience The ruthless ghoster. This one doesn’t hold back. … The lurker. This ghoster is a bit harder to crack because they leave hints around like they could still be keen. … The slow burn. Arguably the worst of the three, the slow burn hits the hardest and hurts … Read more

Can you cook a pizza at 100 degrees?

100 degrees, as a maximum is quite a low temperature for an oven and so your food may traditionally take longer than usual. This does not mean that you cannot cook a pizza in there, but it may take a lot longer. Remember to make use of your fan if you have one! Can you … Read more