What Is The Average Life Span Of A Dachshund?

Nowadays, Dachshunds have become a unique and popular choice of dog breed. They are actually great family dogs as well as companions for children. This dog breed is easy to train.

Moreover, these dogs are affectionate, playful, and good watchdogs. However, they also have the downside. In fact, the Dachshund may be prone to certain diseases as well as problems. Small breeds of Dachshund normally have longer average lifespans compared to larger hound dogs.

However, if you have a Dachshund, you need to care for him to help him live out their long lives. Keep reading this article, we will help you learn about the life expectancy of Dachshunds.

Factors that Influence Lifespan

As a pet owner, you need to understand what risk factors these dogs face. Because of genetic predispositions, these dogs may be prone to several diseases such as obesity and many skin conditions. They may lead to the harmless or the deadly.

The fact is that this dog breed is easy to get hurt because the Dachshund often suffers from fragile backs and knees. If you want to protect your dog from this issue, you have to avoid overfeeding him.

Also, it’s important to feed your dog the right amounts of nutrients. In addition, you need to let your dog get adequate exercise. However, avoid doing a lot of jumping on and off furniture.

It’s best to feed your dog twice a day. Remember to only feed him the best dachshund dog food made with no filler material. Instead, choose to feed your dog plenty of vitamins, proteins, minerals, as well as healthy fats in order to keep your pet strong and healthy. Furthermore, these factors can help to maintain their fur coat and skin.

Enhancing Life Expectancy

If you keep your Dachshund happy and healthy, he can live to 15 years or even older. Some dogs even can live to be 17 or older. In order to help your hound live a long life, you need to feed him the right quantities of high-quality food.

Also, it’s important to enable him to undertake regular exercise. We recommend you to exercise him twice a day in order to help him build a strong and healthy body. Moreover, this can keep off excess weight.

Factors Shortening Life Expectancy

If you overfeed your Dachshund, he can become overweight. Another reason for this is commonly through inactivity. As a result, it can lead to a strain on your dog’s long back. The state of a dachshund’s back and skeleton can affect his life expectancy greatly.

The fact is that some dogs need to be to sleep once they get injuries in their back, and they can’t walk or function. Not keeping your dog’s vaccinations current can shorten his life expectancy. Indeed, this can expose your dog to illness and infection with ease.

Special Care for Long-Haired Dachshunds

For long-haired dachshunds, you need to give them more regular and careful grooming when compared to their short-haired counterparts. If you don’t groom them regularly, their long fur can easily become matted or tangled. It also means that they can feel painful and uncomfortable due to a messy coat.

If you let dirt and your pet’s poo catch in the tangled fur, this can lead to a real health threat. Also, this reason can shorten the dog’s expected lifespan as well.

The difference in Dachshund Sizes

When it comes to long-haired dachshunds, they have standard and miniature sizes. Normally, a miniature dachshund has a weight of fewer than 11 pounds. However, it’s about between 15 and 28 pounds for a standard-size sausage dog.

A third size is from 8 and 10 pounds of the weight. In fact, these three sizes of dachshund come with no difference in life expectancy. The length of your dog’s life will be decided by its breeding, life events, as well as its overall health.

How to Care for Your Dachshund

Once again, it’s important to think about the proper feeding and exercise. All pets need them. For some dog breeds, you need to pay attention to certain factors in order to extend their lives as long as possible.

Because these dogs easily suffer from skin conditions. As a pet owner, you have to give your dog baths every three months. Avoid doing this frequently. Otherwise, it can take away important natural oils or even dry your dog’s skin.

More importantly, you have to use the right shampoos. Avoid using any soaps or detergents. Also, don’t forget to give your furry friend daily brushing since this helps to prevent your pet from matting and any nasty disease-causing substances in the fur.

When grooming and bathing, you need to give your pet a once-over and check for rashes, mites, parasites, as well as any lumps. Take a look at to the areas behind the ears, on the abdomen, on the back of the legs, and around the neck.

Once you see anything abnormal, it’s time to take your pet to your vet. If your pet is suffering from a skin condition or any other health problem, you need to follow your vet’s guides carefully. Make sure that your pet has regular vaccinations as well as other treatments like worming.

In order to extend the lifespan of your dog, you also need to keep his living environment clean. Also, protect him from getting allergens. Spaying or neutering him can help to increase his lifespan by around a year. Avoid making him distressed or upset.


As a general rule, small dogs come in greater life expectancy when compared to huge hounds. Little dachshunds normally are able to live between 12 and 15 years, as well as they, receive good care and a bit of luck. As a dog owner, you should always give your four-leg friend the love and attention they need.

At the same time, it’s vital to keep them happy and healthy. Also, don’t forget to treat them well. Then, your dog can live a long and happy life. Sure, they will become your great canine companion. Good luck!


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