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Bogie. 2/8/10-6/21/16
Our hearts cannot begin to express the sorrow and emptiness we feel at the loss of our Bogie. June 19th, just like any other day, my husband took our Rex(black lab), Bogie (Red Dachshund) and Clyde (Black and Tan Dachshund) to the desert like he had done so many times before. They had a great run, but that day, unlike the others, they all three ran over to a bush and that is when my Husband saw it- a rattlesnake- no yelps, no cries, he called them all away but the rattlesnake had bitten our two Dachshunds. They were at the vet within 30 minutes, (Bogie was bitten on the chest) everything was done to help them both but Bogie succumbed to his injuries on June 21, 2016, after a courageous fight. There will never be another Bogie, he was so smart, so intuitive and so unique. He loved to bury himself under the covers and pillows. He had his own little whine to tell you to when it was time to go to bed or to eat. He followed my husband everywhere, he was his little shadow. You could be as quiet as a mouse and turn around and he would be standing there looking up at you with those big beautiful eyes. He was the classic Dachshund, doing things on his terms at his own times, but that is why we loved him so much- a one of a kind personality. It will never be the same around our home, there will NEVER be another Bogie. No doubt that our Bugsy and Bella were there to meet him at the Rainbow Bridge...... Run free and healthy our Bogie Muffin
Richard and Lori Harrelson