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Rescue Volunteer Overview

When someone applies to either adopt or foster and their application is approved by the rescue director a home inspection must be completed. As a Home Inspector you would call the applicant and arrange a time to visit their house, then after visiting their home you would tell the Rescue Director your assessment and opinions as to if the home environment is suitable for a Dachshund. If you choose this volunteer position you will be invited to join an experienced Home Inspector on their home visits until you feel comfortable enough to do your own inspections. As an inspector you can choose what areas of town you want to travel to.
After we receive a adoption, foster or surrender application the applicant must contacted by a volunteer. You would need to call and let the applicant know that their application is being reviewed by the Rescue Director and answer any questions that they have.
Dogs must be transported between foster homes, the veterinarian, the photographer, etc.. As a transport volunteer you can choose what areas of town you wish to travel.
Every month (except during the summer) we have a booth at Mutts on Main Street at the Green Valley District as well as other occasional adoption events throughout the year. We need volunteers to help out at our booth by talking to people who are interesting in the rescue dogs and caring for the dogs that are there.
As rescue volunteer applications come in the Volunteer Coordinator will contact each applicant to discuss in further detail what interests them and how they want to help. Then the Rescue Director contacts the Volunteer Coordinator and lets them know of any events, home inspections etc.. that are coming up that we need volunteers for. The Volunteer Coordinator then contacts the volunteers who may be interested and finds out who is available to help and passes their information on to the Rescue Director.