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Club Volunteer Descriptions

Oversees the overall operations of LVHDDCR to succeed at being a club and rescue. Runs the monthly board meetings and is informed by directors on organization business. Verifies monthly bank reconciliations.
Takes minutes at board meetings. Updates forms when necessary.
Tracks funds and manages bank books. Prepares annual budget & financial reports.
Arranges speakers for play days, volunteer appreciation day, Hallo-Wiener volunteer meeting.
Take pictures at our play days and events. Afterwards the photographer has the option of uploading the pictures to the club’s Picasa account (preferred) or sending the pictures as email attachments or mailing in a CD to the webmaster so that they can upload the photos.
If you are interested in volunteering your name will be put on our volunteer list. You will be contacted to help as needed and are welcome to help any time. Such help includes bringing refreshments to play days, water for dogs, hand out info at our booth at events, etc. (just about anything).
Keeps member database updated, creates badges and sends out membership packets. Answers inquiries about being a LVHDDCR member and any general questions.
Schedules play day time, date and location and gives the information to the website designer for the calendar and newsletter. Coordinates any member volunteers needed for the play days and events.
We have a east side play day and a west side play day each month for our members. You can choose which side you’d like to host a play day at. You must arrive at the dog park 15 minutes before the scheduled play day time to hang our club banner and set up table with refreshments and club information, then greet members as they arrive
Makes and sends the newsletter: Formats and edits articles, sponsor advertising, play day information, surveys, ETC… Emails newsletter to members and sends a PDF version of the newsletter to the Mailings Volunteer for it to be printed and mailed to members without email.
If you don’t know how to make a newsletter you can still help by looking for relevant information for the monthly newsletter, write articles, assist with the content, etc.
Designs logos, makes flyers and brochures ETC…
Makes copies of monthly newsletters and mails it to members.
Makes copies of monthly newsletters and mails it to members.
Keeps track of inventoried items ranging from flyers to bulk items for events. Coordinates pick up and return of items for play days and events. Maintains inventory of all Logo items and provides them for sale to members.
Helps spread the word about LVHDDCR to the public. Distributes flyers/cards out to places such as vet offices, newspapers, etc. once a month.
Manages the contest and receives pictures for calendar contest.
Coordinates members interested in volunteering and helping them find a position suited for their interests. Organizes volunteer meetings for events and works with other organizers to find help.
Coordinates with the supply person for all the craft needed items. Makes scrapbooks about events/play days and organizes anything craft related for play days/events, etc. Gives our events the “cute touch”.
Coordinates, oversees and delegates the larger events of the group such as Hallo-Wiener, Spring Fling, Santa Paws and Weiner Wonderland. Recruits help from volunteer pool.
Co-ordinates the smaller events such as the parades and walks.
Contacts sponsors for monthly ads/coupons for newsletter and for sponsorship for large events. Sends LVHDDCR info/ads to sponsors for advertisement.
Coordinates fundraising activities for LVHDDCR and for other selected charities/groups.

Didn’t see something listed above? With many members there are always new ideas that can improve LVHDDCR. We encourage ALL to share their ideas in improving our club & rescue and website. As you can see we are a volunteer based organization and we need help. We also want to improve what we have to offer to our members and want you to utilize your personal talents. If you do something you enjoy and you think we can benefit, let us know!