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What we Do

Our Dachshund Club and Rescue is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. We are a club for Dachshunds and their owners as well as a Dachshund Rescue. Our club and rescue is run entirely by volunteers. We meet at different park locations around the city for “Play Days”. At our play days it gives “moms and dads” the opportunity to socialize and make new friends and for the dogs to play and get exercise. We most definitely promote responsible pet ownership and education. We highly promote spaying and neutering your pets. Please do your part in not adding to the overpopulation of pets in shelters and rescues. We highly recommend positive reinforcement based pet training for the benefits it offers both the pet and the owner(s). We also support animal protection issues regarding laws/legislature.

  • Please be sure that your dogs are up-to-date on all vaccinations for their protection as well as that of other dogs.
  • Puppies should be at least 6 months old and have completed their series of puppy vaccinations.
  • No female dogs in season.
  • No puppy selling.
  • PLEASE spay and neuter your pets (health benefits and community benefits).
  • Pet training is HIGHLY suggested for the great benefits if offers both you and your pets.
  • Pet adoption is HIGHLY suggested from animal shelters and rescues.
  • We DO NOT support puppy mills and pet stores that support puppy mills.
  • We DO NOT condone breeding of pets. We believe that breeding should be left to those people who study and research the breed and do so in an effort to better and strengthen the breed. We only support professional, responsible and caring breeders.
  • Please promote responsible pet ownership.